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   Program planning

Program plan and objectives are required for young children with special needs, it is essential to identify children’s strengths and specific learning needs. Goals and objectives may include early skill needs, social and behavioural and other needs. Therapist will collect information from parent observation, teacher observation and specialised assessments in order to accurately identify children needs. We will develop a plan that includes short term and long term goals for children


For example:


Short term goal

In the larger social groups, at school when in outdoor play,  Johnny will be prompted to turn and look to see that a peer is approaching and acknowledge the peers presence by facial expression, gesture like a nod or smile, by staring at the peer or making a comment on 4/5 occasions observed.


Longer term goal

In structured sessions within a familiar play activity, Johnny will with a single visual cue look at his communication partner, make a comment and wait for the response following all three steps with 100% accuracy on 4/5 occasions over five consecutive sessions.

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