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About us

Caterpillar club was founded by Paranan Chorachit to guide parents and educators through the maze of options available to them to ensure that their choices are based on clear  and professional information with quality screenings and assessments. 

She has 13 years experience working as a child psychologist and early skill development practitioner and works from a play therapeutic perspective. Participating in a wide variety of roles within equine-assisted therapy clinics, nurseries and pre-schools. 

The team at caterpillar club have a commitment to providing a quality service with an emphasis on the early identification of needs in order to make recommendations and formulate goals for home and school and recommending more effective strategies and resources to achieve the skills required for success in all area of a child's development.


Meet our team

Paranan Chorachit 
   Founder I Psychologist I    Child and Family       Development Specialist 
Pisut Puangtong

 Physio Therapist 
        Jenny Witchawut
  Behaviour Therapist 
Mental Health Counselor   
Warisa Leparoux

   Occupational Therapist
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